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logo 4th gel iliou Alamanas & Dios 1
EL-13122 Ilion, Athens
Contact person: Prof. Leonidas Tourlas
Tel: +30 697 41 02 132
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The 4th Senior High School in Ilion, Greece, is a public school. It offers general education (3 year-courses) to students aged 16-18. The school opened in 1984. It offers general education and about 80% of our pupils enter universities or advanced technical institutions (at tertiary level).

Our municipality, Ilion, is a suburb of Athens, the capital of Greece, about 9 Km away from the city centre. It has a population of 85,000. It is a densely populated urban area.

We are a small school, with about 165 students and 20 teachers. Our students speak English very well and some of them also speak French or German. More than 15% of them are migrants, mostly from Balkan countries.

The students’ families are lower middle class, which is affected by the economic crisis. Nowadays, a significant proportion of our students come from socially vulnerable groups: unemployed or underemployed parents, immigrant parents (mainly from Balkan countries).

Our school cultivates moral and critical thinking and is seeking the versatile development of the personality of our students. We believe it is very important for the students of our community to continue seeing themselves as citizens of Europe. We want our students to be communicative and cooperative. We encourage expanding young people’s horizons through participation in multinational projects, such as Erasmus+, which refer to modern issues such as refugees, immigrants and human rights. The  experience that our students will gain by working with a wide range of partner schools will help them enhance their lifelong learning skills that will contribute to our pupils' participation in the increasingly mobile Europe of the 21st Century.

Video: school description

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