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Istanbul lisesi Turkocagi Caddesi 4
TUR-34000 Instabul
Contact person: Prof. Ayse Balta
Tel: +90 533 65 44 056
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Istanbul Lisesi was established in 1884 and is one of the oldest and most traditional schools in Turkey. As a state school, Istanbul Lisesi admits students through the central state school examination. Admission to Istanbul Lisesi is very competitive with only one hundred and eighty students admitted from a pool of about three hundred thousand applicants. With a strong boarding population,

Istanbul Lisesi draws students from all over Turkey. Without exaggeration, you may say that Istanbul Lisesi belongs to the elite among all the public Turkish high schools. As a rule, students from Istanbul Lisesi pass the Turkish university entrance examination (YGS/LYS) also with very good results so that they will be admitted to high-ranking Turkish universities.

Istanbul Lisesi continues to get support of the German government and has the active support of alumni and parents, many of whom are prominent members of the community. Since Istanbul Lisesi offers a free education, it addresses as well those students who cannot afford private education.

Our school is located in the old peninsula of Istanbul, blessed with the historical and the cultural heritage (Haghia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, the Bailica Cistern, Sultan Ahmet Mosque) thanks to being the cradle of the various civilisations, which contributed a lot to the current prosperity of Istanbul. The wonderful scenery of Istanbul lies like a priceless necklace just opposite of our school backyard.

The ABITUR diploma offers our students the possibility to study in central Europe (Switzerland, Germany and Austria) and at the same time provides those lots of chances for their career opening new horizons in front of them. The SAT exams enabling the admission to the USA's best universities are becoming more and more popular among our students.

There are 890 students in our school and 90 teachers, 45 Turkish and 45 German, academically trained teachers instructing languages, sciences, social sciences and arts. As a German based Turkish school, we are in the search of graduating international, open-minded, critical and highly educated bodies thanks to the application of the contemporary, cultural and scientific teaching methods along by encouragement of moral and critical thinking.

Our aim is to take advantage of being a German-Turkish school, to encourage our students to take part in international projects such as Erasmus+, to let them display their skills in every field, giving them any kind of assistance to open their horizons.

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