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Dissemination event
Donation for Syrian refugee students in Fatih GEM
Istanbul Lisesi, 28/05/2018

After the 5th exchange, which took place in İstanbul from 08 – 14 April 2018, the Austrian partners (Stiftsgymnasium der Benediktiner zu St. Paul) donated 500 Euros for the Syrian refugee students in Fatih GEM to be spent on some of their necessities and to bring some joy and hope into their little worlds.

20180528disseminationistanbulisesirefugees (4) 20180528disseminationistanbulisesirefugees (3)

In order to fulfill this heartfelt wish the Turkish team did their best to contact the headmistress of the school and after getting together they agreed on buying some clothes for 35 students who were really in need. They bought gift cards which cost 50 TL each from a local clothes shop LCW. Besides, with the rest of the money they bought some more gift cards of a supermarket “A 101” so that very poor ones could get some food supplies.

20180528disseminationistanbulisesirefugees (5)

After buying the clothes on May 28 they were invited to our school, where they integrated with the Turkish students and did some sports, dance and art activities. Cloth bags with the Erasmus logo of our project "Journeys of Hope" were given as a present. They left the school with good memories.

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The amount of the donation might have been moderate, but the effects of it was really huge as it touched their hearts and that they felt they are not alone in this world and this was all clear in their eyes that it had brought some happiness and joy into their journeys of life and hope.

Text and pictures: Prof. Özlem Demirel Mutlu & Prof. Ayse Balta


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