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Project success is dependent on communication and cooperation. According to the dissemination plan drawn up by the project teams of all partner countries during the first transnational meeting in Portici, to better promote and disseminate all project activities and products and make them accessible for other relevant stakeholders, in addition to the traditional mass communication channels Journeys of Hope joins Club4U Digital Marketing.

Club4U is an Integrated Digital Marketing Platform. By using innovative technologies Club4U allows us to communicate important messages, with one click, simultaneously to all interested parties (teachers, students, parents, further stakeholders) worldwide. Messages can contain text, pictures, video, pdf files, etc.

Downloading a user friendly FREE mobile application (Android & Apple) you receive notification (not SMS, not MMS, not E-mails) about all project activities receiving rich content (text, photos, video, pdf-files, etc) messages directly on your smartphone or tablet.


The procedure is fast, easy and you’ll need less than a minute. Read the operational instructions: manual pdf

For more information, you can also watch the following Club4You video on YouTube.

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